The superior reusable cup that surpasses the sustainability performance of its competitors and beats the cost.


Approximately 2.5 billion coffee cups are used and disposed of each year in the UK, but less than 1 in 400just 0.25% are recycled. In addition, around 500,000 cups are littered every day. Read the Government’s Report, the numbers are staggering.

Paper cups need a wax or plastic lining to hold liquids, yet this combination of materials prevents cups being recycled alongside other paper products and is not economically viable at current collection volumes.

Styrofoam or expanded polystyrene (EPS) is another material widely used for ‘to-go’ cups. More than 96% of Styrofoam cups also become landfill. Styrofoam is also damaging to the marine environment. Carried through drains to the sea, it breaks down into small indigestible pellets that birds and marine mammals often fatally mistake for food.


In partnership with Bockatech, Amaray has introduced the CORRETTO® a sustainable alternative hot drink cup which satisfies consumer and environmental demands.

Made from polypropylene and featuring EcoCore® technology, the cup is durable and robust, perfect for multiple-use in deposit return schemes, at festivals, or on campus. It is easily recycled in worldwide plastic recycling bins and can even be collected through home recycling collections. The CORRETTO® supports a circular plastics economy and exterminates the single-use paper cup journey to landfill.


2018 British Plastics Federation Award winner for Plastics Design and Innovation

If you would like to introduce the CORRETTO® into your organisation or at an event, please submit your details below and one of our representatives will get in touch…

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