Deposit Return Scheme

Deposit Return Schemes have been proven to increase recycling and are used in a variety of situations and locations around the world as a way of encouraging consumers to become more responsible with their waste. DRS reduce human impact on the environment as recycling saves energy, natural resources, greenhouse gases and pollution. In addition, recyclable materials are worth money when they are separated. When sold through specialist channels, manufacturers are given the opportunity to transform recycled material into higher-quality new products. This establishes a circular economy where we ensure materials last as long as possible and deliver continuous value in a variety of different ways

The existing waste infrastructure is unable to support the demand of single-use paper cup recycling so 99.5% of cups go to landfill or incineration.

Every time one cup is used, another must be made. In addition, one finds its way to landfill where it will release emissions from decomposition over a long period of time. A significant waste of material, energy, and money.


In essence, a DRS is designed to control the flow of material through incentives and behaviour. In hot drink terms, a DRS would operate by charging consumers a small deposit for the cup from which the drink is consumed, then returning the deposit when the cup is returned to a collection point.


By controlling end of life waste, a DRS can play a significant role in stopping plastic and other materials from ending up in the natural environment. Rivers, oceans and countryside will become litter-free and cause no harm to wildlife. Reducing litter will improve the quality of our streets, local parks, towns, and social areas making everyone much happier. Plastic is a valuable resource when used correctly, and the CORRETTO® maximises the benefits it provides over the long-term.

A campus who invested in an 8-week trial which incentivised consumers to use the CORRETTO® instead of single-use cups delivered positive results.

A DRS reduces the cost of purchasing single-use cups where increased volumes in the long-term are more costly.

A DRS reduces how much waste is generated, limits waste collections and reduces subsequent cost.

As the CORRETTO® is 100% PP, a DRS could generate revenue by selling the collected cups to plastic reprocessors.

Types of DRS

What’s great is that there are different options for DRS available for you to decide what is best for your business, event, or location.

• Consumers pay a deposit which is refunded when the cup is returned

• A DRS can be run at multiple sites and is not limited to just one facility or event etc.

• Once the cups are returned, they can be washed and reused, or returned and recycled

Maximise sales through incentives! Incentivise consumers through price reductions when using their own cup and/or a loyalty card. E.g. after 10 uses of the CORRETTO®, the 11th drink is free!

• A DRS has an unlimited life. It can be for a trial period or easily implemented as a new procedure

Charity Donation. For every cup that is returned, the consumer could collect their deposit or choose to donate it to charity


If you would like to introduce the CORRETTO® into your organisation or at an event, please submit your details below and one of our representatives will get in touch…

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